Cornavirus Update

In light of the unprecedented Corona virus, COVID-19 pandemic we are operating as normally as we can. We will operate in this way until we are advised otherwise by the Government. We have been asked numerous questions regarding this issue so we wanted to shed some clarity on what steps we are taking to safeguard our office staff, our drivers and of course our valued customers. We hope you can appreciate this is a very difficult time that is constantly evolving for all businesses more so for small local business and we ask and to some extent plead that you stick with us and put us at the forefront of decision making when you require a car, putting us before multi million pound organisations that offer a similar service. Our service has served the local community for the last 40+ years operated by the same family throughout. We hope our plan of actions allows us to serve you for the next 40 years and beyond. Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout.

Regarding Offices

We have deep cleaned and will continue to do so throughout this issue. Both our offices will remain staffed as normal, this is our intention. We do not intend to close our offices or work from home. With our Chingford Mount office we recommend you enter the building in single file and wait outside for you car once booked. This is due to this area being very small and contained which goes against governmental and Health care advice. Our staff will remain  within the office unless required to leave to assist passengers, this will be at the staff members discretion. Aside from the waiting area this applies to our Station office also. Staff have been advised to use gloves when handling money and keep hands and work spaces cleaned and disinfected throughout shifts. 

Regarding Drivers and Cars

We have advised our drivers to use gloves when handling cash and advise customers to sit in the rear of the vehicle. Drivers have been advised to disinfect their vehicles after each trip with antibacterial spray, as well as to wipe down steering wheel and door handles. We have not advised on the use of face masks as this has been deemed ineffective, however should the driver opt to use one, this is their choice as they have families and their own health to think about, please do not take offence should they opt to wear one. They have also been advised not to carry bags or luggage or similar into cars or the boot space or remove them, where required we have advised they wipe the handles with anti-bacterial wipes before handling and again after. We are asking any drivers who are taking time off if they are doing so due to illness and requesting them to advise us if they have nay symptoms so we can monitor any outbreaks and inform any passengers that may have been in their vehicles within a 2 week period

Regarding Customers

We advise all our customers to sit in the rear of the vehicles, avoid unnecessary contact with driver of vehicle. We ask you to ensure you check you have all your possessions before leaving the vehicle. Should you have any known symptoms of the virus and are heading to the dr’s or hospital please do not do so in a private hire vehicle, call an ambulance or make your own way there. If you do develop symptoms and have used one of our vehicles within 2 weeks, please report it to our offices so we can make others aware. If you have shopping and/or luggage please load and unload it yourself into the car, if you struggle due to age or ill health please ask the driver for assistance. You are welcome to ask the driver to open the windows in the car slightly for airflow. If you are not comfortable with using cash we accept card payments over the phones or via our app and web booker as well as in our offices. If placing a booking in person, please allow the person in front of you to exit the building before entering and in turn exit the building once you have booked your trip. Or allow them to step back to make room for you to approach the window at the station window and in turn we ask you to step away once booked.

What are we doing to help

In order to help the local community our team and drivers are continuing as normal until advised otherwise by the government. Our prices will not change, our service will remain exactly the same, we will take bookings and get your from A-B when you need us. 

We are offering a basic items shopping drop for local elderly and Vulnerable people, we have waived normal delivery charges and waiting time and will only charge the flat passenger fee. 

As mentioned above, we have upped our cleanliness on sites with continuous deep cleans, as well as drivers advised to keep their vehicles clean also. 

Our phones system and offices are well equipped to deal with the demand and we have a healthy number of drivers to get you about. 

Our aim is to ride this terrible storm through to the other side and keep operating throughout, this is our intention and unless told otherwise by the Government this is how we will operate. 

If you have any further issues, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

We thank you for your continued support and wish you good health.