Contacting the office

Our job works best when we communicate, but knowing the best ways to communicate and how and where to transfer documents makes both you as one of our drivers life and our controllers life easier. You may only call a handful of times a day but for our controllers you could be the 30th phone call back to back asking the same question. So please ensure your communicating only vital information regarding jobs or emergencies not idle chit-chat.


Please chose from the options below to find out the best way to contact us

Providing Documents

Need to update your documents on file, or changed your vehicle. This will explain how and where to send them.

Updating job information

Customers can and do change their minds, it is vital we keep job details up to date for safety, pricing and admin.

Statements & Billing

Have an issue with your rent, do you think it is incorrect or is missing a job or charges you dont understand click here

Complaints & Concerns

If you have a complaint regarding our service, or office staff or general operations get in touch

Technology Issues and help

Technology is always changing and evolving, we rely heavily on it, but it can go wrong. Lets get you sorted.

General information

If you have a general enquiry that is non urgent and not specific get in touch here.

Emergency & Urgent enquiry

When you urgently require help and assistance we are here to help.

Ways to get in touch

We have lots of ways to contact us, all mediums are listed here, for effecienty use the means that suits best.

Providing Documents

It is a TFL – PCO requirement that both yourself as the driver and your vehicle must have up to date documents.
We as the operator must hold, on record, hard copies of these documents. In order to do this we require you to provide us copies of these documents. You can do this using any of the below methods. Please bare in mind these copies must be clearly readable, in focus, flat and in good condition. We recommend that you either scan the original and send it to us and/or forward the original copy you were sent (if emailed) directly to us. Please do not screen shot images as text becomes too small to read. We can scan copies for you at our office, however it saves both us and you a lot more time if you send us a digital copy or bring in copies we can keep. Most updates are done instantly but they can take upto 24 hours to be processed so please provide them in good time, rather then submitting once your deadline has passed.

1) Email

Send your documents directly to the duty controller in a PDF or JPEG format

In Person (2

Pop into our office with your documents. If possible bring copies with you that the office can keep.

Chingford mount Office

3) WhatsApp


Updating Job Information

You will often find that a job is either booked ‘As Directed’ or that your passenger may either change their mind on route to their destination or need to add a stop/’s. The booking agents will very rarely’ book a car ‘as directed, this generally means the passenger has booked the car using our IVR (Automated phone booking line). Leaving a job as directed is not ideal for many reasons. It may not price the job correctly causing unneeded disputes on the price. For safety if the police approach us regarding a job during an investigation and there is no fixed destination this can hinder them and us in the office wasting time. It is also a TFL requirement that all jobs must have a start and end destination. Knowing where you will be clearing your job also benefits both the controller and you as the driver as there may be a job waiting to be covered near to where you are clearing but as we don’t know we cant hold the job as a follow on job for you.
Customers are allowed to update their jobs with you if they wish and you have the ability to do this yourself on your PDA’s. The job will re-price accordingly.  

1) Update it yourself on your PDA

See the user guide here for more information on how to do this.

Send a message on your PDA (2

Using your PDA’s message facility simply send the address or postcodes in order first to last and the controller can update the job for you.

3) Ask the passenger to call the office

have the passenger call into the office to advise us of the change. Account customers must do this as changed need to be verified. 

020 8524 1111

Call the controllers Phone (4

If you need to you can call the controllers phone to update the job.

020 8559 4722

Statements and Billing

Your statements and auto generated by the system on a Sunday and automatically emailed out to you. If you are not receiving your weekly statement we would recommend that you check your Junk/Spam folder on your email account, due to the fact these emails come out frequently they may be thought of as Spam and flited out of your inbox.
If you feel something is wrong with your weekly statement maybe a job has priced wrong or something has been missed off. We can look into this and help as best we can. 

1) Email Accounts

Send an email to our accounts manager

Email Controller (2

Send the duty controller an email

3) In Person

Have a word with the office.

Chingford Mount Office

Call the Controller (4

Speak to the duty controller

020 8559 4722

Complaints and Concerns

If you have any complaints regarding the way we operate, or have spotted something that didn’t look right, or maybe you have some ideas or feedback we are open to hear it. We value all feedback from everyone good and bad 

1) Call The Controller

If you can speak to the duty controller. If you cant ask the controller to get management to contact you.

020 8559 4722

Email (2

Send the management an email

3) In Person

Visit the office in a calm and respectful manner. Aggression and abuse towards any staff member will not be tolerated.

Chingford Mount Office

Technology Issues

We rely heavily on technology in this job and sadly sometimes things can go wrong, 
If you are having issues with your PDA, such as its not logging you on or you have connection issues firstly check our guides here. If you are still having issues we can help.

1) Call The Controller

Give the duty controller a call, most times they can normally get to the bottom of the issues and resolve it.

020 8559 4722

In Person (2

Visit the office where the duty controller can take a look at your PDA

Chingford Mount Office

General Information

Got a non urgent, general question you would like to find information about. If we can help or point you in the right direction we will do.

1) Email

Send your question to the duty controller and we will get back to you as soon as we can

WhatsApp Us (2

Pop your question to us on WhatsApp, as soon as we can we will reply. 


3) In Person

Pop into the office and ask the duty controller.

Mount Cars Office

Emergency and Urgent Enquiry

There maybe times when you require urgent attention, help and or advice. This is why it is so important to use the right channels to contact us based on your needs and not just always pickup the phone and call as your non important enquiry may hold up a driver with a genuine urgent enquiry. If you have an emergency press your emergency SOS button on your PDA. If your in immediate danger call 999 then contact the office.

1) Call The Controller

If your enquiry is urgent please call the controller.

020 8559 4722

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