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PDA Messenger

When logged in on duty you can send the duty controller and any loged in booking agents an internal message. This should always be your first point of call and will be dealt with as a priority. It is ideal for simple, direct bits of information and you will find pre-written messages to cover most issues such as No Show, Wait and return, Road is blocked, Need a 5/6/7 seater plus many more. You can use this feature to also write a custom message. For info on how to use this feature see our handy how to guide here.

Controllers Phone

Our controller have a direct line of contact this number is below. Calls to this line are recorded. This line allows us to keep our main switchboard lines clear for incoming customer calls. You can use this line to inform the controller about issues with a current live job, such as pricing enquiries, updating the destination or adding additional stops. It is also the line to call in an emergency such as if you feel threatened or if your vehicle has broken down. Generally speaking you should only use this phone when you are on a live job. It is not for you to call for idle chit-chat.

020 8559 4722

In Person

Our Chingford Mount office (address below) is our head office, it is staffed 24hours a day. 365 days a year. You can provide documents directly to the office if you need to, you can also pay your weekly rent here in cash or on your card. This office is not for you to use the toilet or wait inside. You may also inform the duty controller or management or any issues you have.

1a Hall Lane, Chingford, London, E4 8HH

Controller WhatsApp

We also have a dedicated WhatsApp number direct to the duty controller. We have added all drivers mobile to our address book. It is advised that you also add our number (shown below) to your address book. This has been handy for submitting evidence of large loads where the customer states one thing and you the driver say differently, as we are not on the scene it gives us visible evidence to make a decision that is fair and honest. You may also submit documents on this medium, however please ensure submitted documents are scanned or saved in their raw format such as a PDF.  If you take a photo of your document to submit, ensure it is flat, straight and in focus. As these go on your file for TFL PCO. 



We have two email addresses that you should save.
The first is the controllers email, this is accessed 24/7 by the duty controller, This is ideal for providing new documents to us to be updated. Please ensure the documents are ideally scanned across or forwarded on if already sent to you via email. If you only have a hard copy then please scan it so it is clear, straight and in focus. 


The second is for you to use if you have any issues with your weekly statement, or need to contact management. 


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