Our Service

Do you only take bookings over the phone?

No, we have numerous ways you can book your car. In this fast evolving world we have moved with it, you can now book your car over the phone, via our web booker on our website, download our App for Apple or Android devices on the Apple app store or Google Play, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp as well as most directories or why not send us a WhatsApp message.

Can I get any discount ?

Its a question we all want to ask, well our answer is YES! all we ask is you register for our Loyalty Club, its completely free to join and in return we will offer your 10% off all trips, no matter how near or far you are going, 24 hours a day 254 days a year. So why wait join today here

Do you do deliveries ?

We can offer a delivery service on small items, we generally require pre-payment for this. The fare is calculated by a normal fare for your route, plus the correct vehicle size needed and a £2.00 delivery charge.

Will I get any sort of booking confirmation ?

Absolutely, every booking made we send out a confirmation Text message if booked on a mobile (this will show your booking details), followed by a further text when the job has been released (this gives you the drivers details such as drivers photo, name and vehicle as well as a link you can click to track the drivers progress) and another when the car is outside waiting. We are able so send you out an email confirmation if you would like one and/or a ring back service which will automatically call your phone to let you know your car is outside.

Do you offer any sort of personal accounts ?

We currently do not, however this is something we are planning to implement in the very near future. Watch this space!

Do you offer any sort of business accounts ?

Yes and we would love to have you on board. To apply for a business account, please contact our admin manager to discuss your requirements and costings. You can do so by emailing admin@mountcars.com

Can I Pre-book a car ?

Of course, some of our customers like to be really prepared and have been known to pre-book a car 6 months in advance. Usually only 1-3 days in advance is sufficient. Our pre-books take priority over off the line bookings and are a great way to guarantee you don’t get caught without a car. Want to pre-book your car now, you can do so here

I need to make a regular booking, can you do this ?

Indeed we can our state of the art booking system allows us to build a template that will run the same booking over and over until you cancel it, meaning you do not need to keep calling to book or confirm it each time. Simple get in touch to enquire.

How is your prices calculated ?

We like to give clarity on how we operate so you know how we operate and what prices to expect. Our price per mile/’s is as follows. The first 2 miles covered will cost £5.20. Upto 3 miles is £6.80, upto 4 miles is £8.70, upto 5 miles is £10.90 then its worked out as an additional £2.20 per mile after that. This is based on a standard flat rate fee.

How can I ensure I will be safe in one of your vehicles ?

All our drivers are licensed by TFL, they have all been DBS checked and verified. We hold records for every driver on our books, including their photos, personal details and vehicle details, these are updated on a very regular basis to meet the strict TFL guidelines we are expected to meet to operate as a registered licensed operator. Every aspect of our jobs from the first call to the the job being cleared is logged and the drivers are tracked from the moment they are sent the job till completion. This information can not be disclosed to the public but will be shared with the police if requested due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You really have no need to worry, but if you do have any concerns, worries or complaints please get in touch.

Why do I have to pay more if there is more then 4 of us even if one is a baby ?

We get this question quite a lot and passengers assume a baby or very young child can simple sit on the parents lap and not be charged. Meaning 4 adults and a baby can get into a 4 seater vehicle. What you need to understand is as well as the safety aspect, there is insurance costs involved. Vehicles that can take additional passengers have to pay more to run those vehicles, insurance, tax, general running costs are higher then smaller cars. This cost is reflected in the trip cost. If there was to be an accident the drivers insurance would not cover them, they are also only licensed to carry a certain number of passengers by TFL. If they are spot checked by TFL (and it can and does happen), the driver can have their license revoked. This is too much of a risk for them to take. So if a driver refuses to take more then the amount he can take, he is not being awkward he is working under the correct regulations.

I have been told I am not allowed to eat or drink in the car is that right ?

Yes, that is correct. All the vehicles on our fleet are the drivers own property, accidental spills and crumbs may seem minor but they have a knock on effect. The driver would have to take their car off the road, get it valeted (at their expense) this would lead to them losing out on work and in turn money. On the flip side if they didn’t and proceeded to the next customer with a dirty car as I am sure you would agree the next customer would not be best pleased. So the best way is simply to hold off eating and drinking til your out of the vehicle.

Before a Journey

What is your minimum fare?

Our minimum fare is currently £5.20 this covers up to 2 miles.

What is the biggest vehicle you have available?

Our biggest vehicles are 8 seater mini vans

Can I request one of your drivers?

We will always aim to provide a requested driver where we can, if you have a specific driver you would like, please request it at the time of booking, if that driver is clear and available near your pick up address for the time you request we will gladly send them, however please note we can not guarantee the driver you request will be available to send.

Can I pay by card in the car?

Our cars do not have any methods to take a card payment inside the cars. You may call the office to make a card payment over the phone on 02085241111 or if you register and book via our app you can make payment through there. Or you can pay by card in either of our offices at North or South Chingford.

Will your driver take me somewhere, wait for me and take me back again?

Yes we can arrange this for you, this is whats known as a ‘wait and return’ job this is where we pick you up from point A, take you to point B and return back to point A. For this we charge full fair between point A and point B, then half fair back but there is waiting time to be added which is charged at £1 for every 5 minutes. If you do not return back to the same address we initially picked you up from and/or add an additional stop it is no longer classed as a wait and return. so the full fare (not half fare) is charged along with waiting time.

Do your drivers take dogs?

We have a very limited number of drivers that take dogs, for this reason we can not pre-book a job with a dog as we wont know till the time the car is needed if we have a driver that could do the job. If you book a car but not disclose you have a dog, the driver may arrive, see you have a dog and there is a good chance they will pull off the job. The only exception to this is a guide dog, it is a legal requirement for drivers to take guide dogs?

Do you provide child seats?

We do not provide any child seats in our vehicles, the law states it is not a legal requirement in a private hire vehicle as it is classed as a short unplanned trip in a licensed private hire vehicle. So you can rest assured you and your child will still be insured in the vehicle under the drivers insurance. The recommended way to travel with minors is under 3 they should be sat on their own seat next to the adult, restrained if possible, it is not advised they travel on the adults legs as in the event of a car accident the child could be crushed under the adults weight and/or thrown from the vehicle. If over 3 they should be in the back of the car using the cars seat belts. If however you have your own car seat and would like to use it please state this at the time of booking, we can allow for this and store your child seat free of charge till you return. We would always recommend the use of a child seat where possible.

Can you collect me from outside the local area ?

We are happy to take and collect you to/from any destination, however for an out of area pickup we require the job to be prepaid in advance in full. This applies to airport pick ups also.

How far are your drivers willing to travel ?

The answer is are far as you need to go and are willing to pay to get there. We have no mileage limitations on our jobs

With the new ULEZ and congestion charge in London, will you be charging more. ?

We have looked at this from every possible angle, the only way we can work it is to charge you the £12.50 congestion charge, on top of your fare. This additional amount does not go in the drivers pockets it is paid directly to TFL to cover the charge. We do not charge the ULEZ charge.

During a Journey

Can I add additional addresses to my trip?

Ideally try to add all your trip at the point of booking but we understand plans change, if yours does on route make the driver aware, then give the office a call and we will update your journey ensuring your cost remains the cheapest it can be for you.

How much does waiting time cost?

Waiting time is charged at £1 for every 5 minutes

After a Journey

we had a driver take us somewhere can they collect us as well?

Yes we will gladly collect you, however we will generally require pre-payment if the pick up is out of the immediate area. This can be made over the phone by giving us a call on 02085241111

I think I may have left something behind in the car?

The first thing to do it to call the office on 02085241111 we will check our lost property log first. If nothing is shown there we will look up the job given the details you have given and find the job and attempt to contact the driver to ask them if they have found anything in their car. They will pull over and search the car as soon as safe to do so and confirm if anything has been found. Our drivers are very honest and have handed in all sorts from a simple hairband to a laptop of high value. If they find anything they will hand it in. The items are generally handed into our Chingford Mount Office and await collection from you, where we will have you sign it back out in our lost property log.

I have got to my destination but im being charged more then I expected?

The first thing we recommend before you pay the driver is to call the office or ask the driver to do it for you if you do not have a mobile. It does not mean the driver is trying to overcharge you, it could be a simple system error, which can occur when you book without giving an end destination. Our booking agents will confirm and amend if required.